lalylala’s Whimsical Winter Amigurumi Pattern Set

Lalylala 4 Seasons Winter Amigurumi

When I saw this set of 4 Seasons Winter amigurumi patterns on Ravelry, I squeed with joy! lalylala designs very whimsical, unique amigurumi patterns that I adore and these are no exception. My favorite amigurumi of the set is Heinz the stag, but the pine cone and snowman are equally adorable.

As lalylala states in the description, these three winter-inspired toys would make delightful Christmas ornaments! I know there are many (many many many) haters out there who think those of us who start celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving should be locked in a closet. I am one of those people that has been listening to Christmas music for the past few weeks and I think spending the holiday weekend crocheting up some of these little guys as ornaments would be the perfect after-Thanksgiving dinner treat. (Less calories, too!)

Something that draws my eye to these amigurumis beyond their cute little faces is the shine on cotton yarn. They are crocheted with Catania from Schachenmayr. I’ve never used this yarn but I’m definitely tempted to add it to my ridiculous stash now.

Check out lalylala’s blog for more patterns, whimsical illustrations, and other inspirations!

Oh-my-gurumi Pierogi!

tcakes4u's little pierogi

And by “oh my gurumi”, I mean amigurumi. I came across this cute little amigurumi pierogi on the front page of Ravelry and had to stop what I was doing to share it with you all.

Tiffany (tcakes4u) used Deena White’s Little Empanada pattern to make a cute little pierogi!

My mom is from Pittsburgh, where they eat an excessive amount of pierogies and I’ve been eating an excessive amount of them since I was a kid. They’re definitely a comfort food for me and I have a bit of an obsession. Actually, I have an obsession with any dumplings (like these squee polymer clay dumplings). I should probably crochet a few pierogies instead of eating the actual thing!


Cute Knit & Crochet Patterns on Ravelry

Cute knit and crochet patterns on Ravelry

I know, I know, it’s been over a month since I last posted and it’s especially embarrassing that although my last post was about finding my passion and hopefully getting motivated, it seems like I have nothing at all to show as far as progress of my own.

Because I have nothing to show that’s my own, I thought I’d just collect a bunch of knit and crochet patterns that tickle my fancy at the moment for your enjoyment. I hope you find these delightful and that they put a smile on your face as they do mine!

cupcake kitten hat by tiny owl knits

Cupcake Kitten Hat
by tiny owl knits

Super cute hat with a bit of colorwork and cat ears by Tiny Owl Knits, one of my favorite knit designers for all of her whimsical and woodland-y knits.

A free amigurumi pattern of the cutest flipping sheep I’ve ever seen! Momomints is a duo who design cute amigurumi patterns and polymer clay keychains. They sell a DIY amigurumi sheep kit on their Etsy shop, if you want to crochet this cutie.

Gooey Bun by Anna Hrachovec

Gooey Bun
by Anna Hrachovec

Anna Hrachovec is the designer behind Mochimochi Land, a world of knitted happiness. I came across this tiny sweet roll and couldn’t resist a squeak of delight! You can find this pattern in her latest book, Adventures in Mochimochi Land — a book of cute stories accompanied by knitted scenery and characters, along with patterns for all of those characters.

Fezzes are cool by Nyss Parkes

Fezzes are cool
by Nyss Parkes

I can’t resist a nerdy knit, especially a Doctor Who related nerdy knit. These are cute and clever!

Who wouldn’t want to prance around in these cute bunny house slippers? I bought this pattern forever ago and need to get it on my hook!

(Get off my) Cloud by Kate Davies

(Get off my) Cloud
by Kate Davies

Kate Davies is another favorite designer of mine, she does lovely cable and colorwork and her blog always seems to be full of dreamy pictures of knits on the country side, or sea side, or garden side… Anyway, this hoodie really caught my eye when I found it because it was so cute and seems very different from Kate’s other designs. I can’t resist that cute cloud pocket!

LoveSocks by Devon Clement

by Devon Clement

Sometimes it just takes one little detail to take something from ordinary to super cute. I love this sock pattern and everyone’s different versions of it on Ravelry!

What are your favorite cute knit or crochet patterns? Share them with me in the comments!

Cupcakes, Candy and Crafts


I got more done this weekend than I thought I would. Because of those many games I bought, I figured I probably wouldn’t be knitting or crocheting at all when I had free time (except at lunch). Alas, I could not stay away from my hooks and needles. Something about just laying in bed with my yarn and tool of choice helps me slowly forget about the rest of the world. Concentrating so hard on one task, I sometimes get way too deep into my thoughts and what I’m doing. I’m sure if I concentrated hard enough, I could get close to a meditative state. 😛


I read somewhere that Friday was International Crochet Day, so I decided that even though I hadn’t picked up my crochet hook in quite a while, I was going to do something that involved crocheting this weekend. I started crocheting because I fell in love with amigurumi. I got out my copy of Amigurumi World, picked out some yarn and started creating a little cupcake of doom!

Unfinished Cupcake

Unfortunately, I got to the part of amigurumi that I almost can’t stand—sewing all the parts together. This one isn’t even that bad, it’s just two parts connected to each other. I got almost all the way around when I realized that somewhere along the way, I’d started sewing into a different row than I’d started on. Frustrated, I undid all of the yarn and quit. Someday little cupcake will be whole but today is not the day!

Crocheted Bits

During lunch today, I finished the I-cord on my most recent baby hat made from delicious “Candy Baby” Bernat Softee Baby yarn. When I got home, I sewed in the ends and ta-dah!

Candy Baby Hat

I really like the shorter I-cord on this one. It’s cute as a button!

Crochet Monday: Finished with Totoro! And need some advice.


TotoroWell, I finally finished my amigurumi Totoro that I started for my sister!

The hardest part was sewing everything onto the body. Sometimes I don’t mind sewing, other times, I can’t finish fast enough.

And during this project, I learned a few things. Buy two skeins of yarns that have dye lots. Dye lots can look really different sitting right next to each other! Ack. I took a chance, thinking Amigurumi Totorothat the new skein I bought of the Sugar’n Cream yarn wasn’t going to look noticeably different. I know yarn companies warn you but I figured it was to appease really really picky people. How wrong I was. Oh well, you live and learn. Hopefully my sister won’t be mean and say she hates it because of the color differences. 🙂

As for advice, I want to start an Etsy shop selling crochet projects and illustrations. Does anyone in Blog Land have any advice for finding patterns that actually allow you to sell the finished project you create? The only ones I have found so far are on Lion Brand’s website.

And how much would you modify a pattern before you would consider calling the pattern your own? I’ve read some discussions on Ravelry about this but I never saw a straight-forward enough answer for me.

Crochet Monday: My To-Dos


I haven’t made much progress on my latest work-in-progress this week. Things have been crazy at work and there has been a lot going on this week at home, a graduation, a birthday, a going-away, Mother’s Day. (Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mommies out there, btw!)

Because I don’t have much to show in the ways of progress this week, I thought I’d share my queue on Ravelry. (You must be logged into Ravelry to view my queue. If you don’t have a Ravelry account, you can click on the “Pattern” links below to view the patterns from my queue.)

I haven’t ordered this list. After my current, secret WIP (which I’ve only completed 20 more rows of since last Monday) I think I may start the Tiramisu baby blanket or the tea scarf. I love making scarves—probably because they’re so repetitive and quick, but I’d like to try my hand at something larger, like the blanket.

If anyone’s already completed any of these patterns in my queue, let me know how yours turned out!

Crochet Monday: Amigurumi Coffee Cup, a Scarf and a WIP.


My most recent amigurumi creation is the “Cafe con Leche” pattern from Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet. What a cute pattern!

Cafe con Leche

I created mine using the Lavendar colorway of Lion Brand Microspun yarn and a little bit of Mocha for the coffee top. (I didn’t even plan that!) I used a little bit of pink felt for the cheeks, some eyes I found at Jo-Ann Fabrics and some black thread.

The hardest part of this whole pattern was the mouth and sewing on the cheeks. I don’t have much experience sewing anything. I had to retry adding the mouth about five times (I’m picky), and I removed a cheek and reapplied it once.

This project would probably take a more experienced crocheter a few hours, it took me about 5-6. I’m getting better though!

Starting a new projectAnd a few weeks ago, I finished this scarf for my niece. It’s cute—skinny but thick and full of beautiful colors. I can’t wait to give it to her on her birthday. She’s going to be moving to California where the weather is a bit nicer than hot hot Orlando, so I’m hoping she’ll get some use out of it.

Last but not least, my secret WIP. I’m making it for my little sister, wonder what it’ll be… 🙂

Happy Cinco de Mayo to all! 😀

Crochet Monday!


Alright, I’m actually going to start posting to this blog now that I have some things to post about. I’m going to be posting on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays about crochet, tea and photography.

Crochet Mondays will include mostly crochet-related topics, but I may wander off into other crafts.

Tea Wednesdays will include anything about tea. Mmm.. can’t wait.

And lastly, Photography Fridays – I will be posting one or more photos taken by me for your viewing enjoyment. 🙂

So anyway, now that we’re through with the introduction, let me get started.

I wanted to show off the crochet projects that I have thus-far completed. I started crocheting in December of 2007, so I haven’t finished too many projects. I started crocheting because I was wandering around Etsy and kept seeing these cute stuffed animals that people were calling “amigurumi”. I just had to figure out what that was and how to make my own. (The bunnies that Willy-Nilly Waterlily makes are absolutely adorable and the first example of amigurumi that I’d ever seen.)

MouseThe first amigurumi that I made was a pattern from the book Amigurumi!: Super Happy Crochet Cute, a little mouse. He turned out alright. Kind of silly-looking, but the cats loved to beat him up! 🙂

The GabuMy next project was The Gabu, a cute little alien head… thing. He was quick and easy to make. I just recently started using him as a pin cushion. I feel a bit sadistic stabbing him in the head with pins and needles.

After the Gabu, I made a little octopus based off of the Ollivander Octopus pattern. I wasn’t able to fit more than six legs, so I’m not sure you could really call him an octopus, but I think he turned out to be really cute with his big, black eyes.

Working on the octopus inspired me to want to also make this Amigurumi Squid – isn’t he cute! I currently have the body finished, but only two of the tentacles. Only having 6 stitches around to work with is a real pain. The legs are taking me sooo long.

Amigurumi BirdyAnd right before I started the squid, I made this bird based on the Birds of a Feather pattern. I shortened the middle of the bird quite a bit and I didn’t have any orange or yellow felt to make a normal beak, so he ended up with a black one. I think he kind of looks like a swan to me. A short… fat… not-very-elegant swan.

And that’s all I have done so far as amigurumi goes. I’ll share my other crochet projects next Monday.

The last thing I want to bring up today is that Wibit at Roman Sock has been nominated for the Soft Awards for her super super cute pom Twinks! Vote for hers and your other favorite softies!