lalylala’s Whimsical Winter Amigurumi Pattern Set

Lalylala 4 Seasons Winter Amigurumi

When I saw this set of 4 Seasons Winter amigurumi patterns on Ravelry, I squeed with joy! lalylala designs very whimsical, unique amigurumi patterns that I adore and these are no exception. My favorite amigurumi of the set is Heinz the stag, but the pine cone and snowman are equally adorable.

As lalylala states in the description, these three winter-inspired toys would make delightful Christmas ornaments! I know there are many (many many many) haters out there who think those of us who start celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving should be locked in a closet. I am one of those people that has been listening to Christmas music for the past few weeks and I think spending the holiday weekend crocheting up some of these little guys as ornaments would be the perfect after-Thanksgiving dinner treat. (Less calories, too!)

Something that draws my eye to these amigurumis beyond their cute little faces is the shine on cotton yarn. They are crocheted with Catania from Schachenmayr. I’ve never used this yarn but I’m definitely tempted to add it to my ridiculous stash now.

Check out lalylala’s blog for more patterns, whimsical illustrations, and other inspirations!

Oh-my-gurumi Pierogi!

tcakes4u's little pierogi

And by “oh my gurumi”, I mean amigurumi. I came across this cute little amigurumi pierogi on the front page of Ravelry and had to stop what I was doing to share it with you all.

Tiffany (tcakes4u) used Deena White’s Little Empanada pattern to make a cute little pierogi!

My mom is from Pittsburgh, where they eat an excessive amount of pierogies and I’ve been eating an excessive amount of them since I was a kid. They’re definitely a comfort food for me and I have a bit of an obsession. Actually, I have an obsession with any dumplings (like these squee polymer clay dumplings). I should probably crochet a few pierogies instead of eating the actual thing!


The Crochet Project: Curated beautiful, wearable crochet

The Crochet Project - Curated beautiful, wearable crochet

I heard about The Crochet Project on a recent podcast episode of A Playful Day (another interesting and fun podcast to subscribe to).

The Crochet Project is a collection of crochet patterns for wearable items that I actually want to wear. The only things I’ve crocheted are amigurumi (stuffed animals), baby hats and one scarf. I’ve never been drawn to the stiff “drape” (if you can call it that) of a crocheted garment which is why I started knitting in the first place. Knitting just looks better worn.

Joanne Scrace and Kat Goldin are hoping to bring crochet’s reputation closer to knitting’s with The Crochet Project. Every year, they create and seek out beautiful, modern crochet patterns for wearable items (hats, shawls, scarves, socks, sweaters and shirts) that are made with natural fibers (another hard-to-find aspect in Crochet Land). They collect these patterns together and release them for sale on their website.

Kate of A Playful Day has been interviewing many women makers in her podcast; Joanne and Kat were interviewed on the podcast about a month ago. If you want to hear more about The Crochet Project and their journeys in making, that podcast episode is a good place to start.

If you want to pick up your hook, I noticed their Alchemilla shawl pattern (top right of the featured image above) is available to download for free!

Have you seen any drool-worthy crocheted wearables lately?

Check out The Crochet Project

The Crochet Project Website

On Facebook

On Twitter

And Ravelry, of course

Cupcakes, Candy and Crafts


I got more done this weekend than I thought I would. Because of those many games I bought, I figured I probably wouldn’t be knitting or crocheting at all when I had free time (except at lunch). Alas, I could not stay away from my hooks and needles. Something about just laying in bed with my yarn and tool of choice helps me slowly forget about the rest of the world. Concentrating so hard on one task, I sometimes get way too deep into my thoughts and what I’m doing. I’m sure if I concentrated hard enough, I could get close to a meditative state. 😛


I read somewhere that Friday was International Crochet Day, so I decided that even though I hadn’t picked up my crochet hook in quite a while, I was going to do something that involved crocheting this weekend. I started crocheting because I fell in love with amigurumi. I got out my copy of Amigurumi World, picked out some yarn and started creating a little cupcake of doom!

Unfinished Cupcake

Unfortunately, I got to the part of amigurumi that I almost can’t stand—sewing all the parts together. This one isn’t even that bad, it’s just two parts connected to each other. I got almost all the way around when I realized that somewhere along the way, I’d started sewing into a different row than I’d started on. Frustrated, I undid all of the yarn and quit. Someday little cupcake will be whole but today is not the day!

Crocheted Bits

During lunch today, I finished the I-cord on my most recent baby hat made from delicious “Candy Baby” Bernat Softee Baby yarn. When I got home, I sewed in the ends and ta-dah!

Candy Baby Hat

I really like the shorter I-cord on this one. It’s cute as a button!

Crafty Monday: How do you start to design your own patterns?


I’m still fairly new to the world of crochet and knitting. I’d really like to be able to start designing my own amigurumi patterns so that I can sell my finished projects without getting in trouble with anyone for copyright infringement.

Does anyone have any advice as to how to get used to designing from scratch? How did you learn to design your own patterns if you do?

I’m sure other people around the web who are just starting out have the same types of questions, so any feedback would be appreciated!

Stitch Markers!

Tea Stitch Markers
I received some cute tea-inspired stitch markers from! Very well-made and haven’t snagged a thing!

Crochet Monday: Not much to report.


I’m almost done with my friend’s scarf but I haven’t picked it up for almost a week now. Same with the purse. 😦

I’ve also restarted my knitted hat, there were some holes in it near the bottom that I didn’t notice until much later. I had cast on 44 stitches the first time I started the hat and I realized once I restarted the pattern that I had needed to cast on 64 stitches. Glad I didn’t bother continuing!

In other news, I just fell upon this site: What Not To Crochet. Now, I feel a little bad for the designers of these patterns who took many many hours of their time to create these patterns, but wow. These are the things that make people who don’t crochet think that crocheting is for old ladies or crazy cat ladies!

Crochet Monday: Yep, another scarf!


I have a few projects in the works right now. Two are gifts, one for a friend who’s moving away and a birthday present for my sister which will probably be late. I’m about 90% done with my friend’s project but only 10% done with my sister’s gift. I’m making a purse for my sister-my first attempt at a purse. I hope it doesn’t turn out too bad and that she won’t be embarrassed to use it. 😛 I bought some dark navy suede to crochet it out of. I really like how the suede looks! Maybe I’ll have pictures next week.


My aforementioned friend, Rachel, is moving to Denver. I’m a bit jealous but not of the cold! She grew up in Ohio so I’m sure she’s used to it but I don’t think I’d be able to handle it. I heard it’s actually kind of hot during the summer, just like here, so I don’t think she’ll need a scarf just yet. Hopefully she likes it ’cause I’ll be sending it along pretty soon! I followed this very beautiful pattern using JoAnn Sensations Licorice yarn. I love the colors in the yarn and hopefully Rachel will too, but it’s not the softest stuff I’ve ever felt. Maybe she’ll be able to wear it over a turtleneck or something. I’m not too wise in the ways of the scarf.

As for the baby accessory project, I started a new knitted hat this weekend and have gotten farther on it than I have on any other knitted project. I’m definitely getting the hang of the knit stitch and finally figured out how to work in the round. It looks tiny on the needles but I’m hoping once it’s all done, it’ll stretch a bit and fit a little head. 🙂 We’ll see! Doesn’t look like it’ll take too much longer. I’ll probably finish this hat just using the pink Country yarn, then start another hat and try to switch out some colors to make a few horizontal stripes. Wish me luck!

Knitting in the round

Also, I’ve put the little squarish hat up for sale on Etsy! I’ve opened a shop but it’s looking a little bare right now. Hopefully I’ll have some more to sell soon!

Crochet Monday: My first hat!


Square Baby Hat

I finished my first attempt at a hat! It’s baby-sized and square. It’s all single crochet stitches in Sensations Angel Hair yarn—which is a dream to work with! I finished it last weekend and added a cute little star button to it. I’m hoping that Amanda will be able to use it for a photo shoot at some point for a little boy.

I’m hoping the button isn’t a problem as the hat would only be used for photo shoots. I could see that an unattended baby might get a hold of it. :/

That’s about all the crochet news that I have. I’ve started my next hat. 🙂 I’m not following a pattern, so I hope it’ll turn out well! Wish me luck!

Crochet Monday: Baby Stuff


I just wanted to write a quick post today because I should be crocheting, rather than writing about crocheting. 🙂

I was asked by Amanda Kern, one of my teachers from college and now a partner in crime (haha!), whether I’d ever thought of opening an Etsy store to start selling any of the crafty bits I’d started to make. I had been considering it for a while, though I couldn’t really sell anything that I’d made thus far because I’d been following patterns that didn’t allow for the selling of the projects created with them.

She has been great so far, giving me ideas for new projects having to do with the baby photography scene. You can see some photographs she’s taken of newborns on her photostream. So, Friday night we went out and she graciously (and generously) bought yarns so I could get started on making baby hats for her photo shoots!
So, Friday night I started creating a little square hat. I even worked on it through the commercials and movie trailers when I went to see The Happening that night. (Great movie, by the way, if you like M. Night Shyamalan.)

Angel Hair Stripes

And yesterday, I went back to JoAnns and bought a couple more skeins of yarn and some cute little buttons that may adorn some future hats! They’re so cute. Button-buying could be addictive. :/