Knitted: Doctor Who – Inspired Hat

INSULATE! Knitted Hat

After the train wreck that was my mug cozy, I felt like I needed to redeem myself as a knitter and I think I did, so I wanted to share this finished knitted object with you all.

I found the INSULATE! hat pattern by Amy van de Laar on Ravelry a few weeks ago when looking for something to knit with two skeins of yarn John bought for me. It’s a 2-color hat, covered in Daleks, and the pattern is free!

Luminous in the May Day colorway, by Sincere Sheep

Luminous in the May Day colorway, by Sincere Sheep

Polwarth Shimmer in the Plump colorway by Knitted Wit

Polwarth Shimmer in the Plump colorway by Knitted Wit

I wasn’t sure about knitting pink and purple Daleks, so I held off on knitting the hat, hoping to find a more appropriate use for the yarn. But the urgent need for a pick-me-up knit trumped my color concerns and I decided to cast-on earlier this week.

I loved working with these yarns. They are both 85% Polwarth wool and 15% silk. The wool makes the yarn squishy and the silk makes the yarn soft(er). They’re both hand-dyed and had slight variations in color. (And in case you’re wondering, which you’re probably not, fiber-enthusiasts care to know what kind of sheep their wool comes from, which is why it is known that this wool is from Polwarth sheep.)

Whovian in a knitted Dalek hat

Dalek hat and a Doctor Who reference on my shirt (not planned, but I have so many Whovian shirts, it was bound to happen)

Oh, how I love to knit a hat. They’re so quick to knit up and this one only had 3 ends to weave in when I was done — quick finishing FTW.

If you enjoy stranded colorwork, I’d definitely recommend this pattern. Amy (the designer) gives very clear instructions on how to knit the hat and how to knit it without needlessly wasting too much yarn. Rows with minimal color changes actually just use slipped stitches from the previous row so you don’t have to carry the other color around the back. Pretty snazzy!

In other knitting news, I started knitting a shirtie today (that’s a shirt and a hoodie). This is my first non-accessory garment that I will be knitting. I’m nervous but excited at the same time. Will keep you all posted!

I’m knitting again!



It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about knitting. I’ve been trying to do more knitting lately and decided to devote myself to knitting a hat for my mom. She’s been asking for one for more than a year now so I needed to get off my butt and just start working! (Actually, I guess I can knit and sit at the same time.)

This is the pattern: Robin’s Egg Blue Hat. It’s terribly cute, pretty easy and has so much potential for personality due to the button detail.

This is my first project to use a seed stitch too, so it’s great practice. Also, the use of 10.5mm needles to get gauge makes this hat “fly off my needles” as they say.


So, it’s been more than a month since I started writing this post. I’m now finished with my hat!

The button is from As Cute As A Button. I still have to send it to my mom, but hopefully she likes it!
Mom's Hat

Gray Button Hat on Ravelry

What do you think?

Fuzzy Bunny Baby Hat


I finally have some time to update and realized that I never posted any pictures about my fuzzy bunny hat! It took me a bit to finish knitting this one and to get the bows tied on but I think it turned out adorably! Amanda let me borrow her lenses (and well-lit living room) to take some pictures of the hat since my pictures weren’t turning out so great at home. Thanks, Amanda!

Bunny Hat

This cute little hat is up on Etsy with a couple other baby hats that I’ve made. It will fit newborn to 3 month old babies. Have a looksey!

Knitting like a speed demon!


It’s only been a short while since I finally got past the frustration of learning how to knit. I now can’t seem to put my knitting needles down for a minute! I continually work on my hats during lunch at work, I try to get some knitting in at night. I’ve got the knit-stitch down well-enough to relax my concentation a bit while I’m doing it. All-in-all, knitting has become a bit of a meditative act for me.

Last Wednesday I got an email from Amanda about a photo shoot she’d be having on Friday for a set of twins! She asked if I had any finished hats she might be able to use for the shoot. I had a few finished but none that matched. I told her I’d try but I didn’t think I’d be able to have a hat finished by Thursday night to bring to her. (I wouldn’t be able to bring it to her in the middle of the day on Friday because I work too far from her house.)

I had it in my head that I would start knitting from the moment I got home ’til I went to sleep, at lunch the next day and when I got home that afternoon. Somehow I became a knitting demon that Wednesday night and managed to start and finish this little hat to match the previous little candy hat that I’d made! Needless to say, I was feeling pretty proud of myself.

Better yet, though Amanda wasn’t able to get the twins to wear both hats at the same time, she did get a hat on little Savannah long enough to take this amazing picture! (As well as many other cute pictures!)

While I was at lunch today I visited the craft store and got myself some new knitting needles to go with some sock yarn I picked up (that won’t be used for socks) – so I’m off to do some more knitting!

Candy Baby Hat

Cupcakes, Candy and Crafts


I got more done this weekend than I thought I would. Because of those many games I bought, I figured I probably wouldn’t be knitting or crocheting at all when I had free time (except at lunch). Alas, I could not stay away from my hooks and needles. Something about just laying in bed with my yarn and tool of choice helps me slowly forget about the rest of the world. Concentrating so hard on one task, I sometimes get way too deep into my thoughts and what I’m doing. I’m sure if I concentrated hard enough, I could get close to a meditative state. 😛


I read somewhere that Friday was International Crochet Day, so I decided that even though I hadn’t picked up my crochet hook in quite a while, I was going to do something that involved crocheting this weekend. I started crocheting because I fell in love with amigurumi. I got out my copy of Amigurumi World, picked out some yarn and started creating a little cupcake of doom!

Unfinished Cupcake

Unfortunately, I got to the part of amigurumi that I almost can’t stand—sewing all the parts together. This one isn’t even that bad, it’s just two parts connected to each other. I got almost all the way around when I realized that somewhere along the way, I’d started sewing into a different row than I’d started on. Frustrated, I undid all of the yarn and quit. Someday little cupcake will be whole but today is not the day!

Crocheted Bits

During lunch today, I finished the I-cord on my most recent baby hat made from delicious “Candy Baby” Bernat Softee Baby yarn. When I got home, I sewed in the ends and ta-dah!

Candy Baby Hat

I really like the shorter I-cord on this one. It’s cute as a button!

Crafts: Two very colorful baby hats


I’ve been pretty busy lately. Well… by choice. I just bought two new games: Spore and the new Viva Pinata game; John hasn’t been working as often. Today will be his first day back to work since Thursday, when I came home from Chicago. (I promise I’ll be writing a post about my Chicago adventures soon!) During the weekend I convinced John to take us to the downtown library. (John checked out eight books! He’s been a reading fiend lately.) I checked out a few, mostly books on religion and knitting.

Anyway, in between games and reading, I’ve been knitting a little! Here are some pictures of my current works-in-progress:

Fuzzy Bunny Hat

Start of the Fuzzy Bunny Hat

Candy Baby Hat

Beginning of a Hat

I definitely need a better name for this hat. This is my first time using light weight yarn. It’s nice! This is Bernat Softee Baby Yarn in the “Candy Baby” colorway. It’s machine washable and dryable and so soft!

Bernat Candy Baby Yarn

Crochet Monday: Yep, another scarf!


I have a few projects in the works right now. Two are gifts, one for a friend who’s moving away and a birthday present for my sister which will probably be late. I’m about 90% done with my friend’s project but only 10% done with my sister’s gift. I’m making a purse for my sister-my first attempt at a purse. I hope it doesn’t turn out too bad and that she won’t be embarrassed to use it. 😛 I bought some dark navy suede to crochet it out of. I really like how the suede looks! Maybe I’ll have pictures next week.


My aforementioned friend, Rachel, is moving to Denver. I’m a bit jealous but not of the cold! She grew up in Ohio so I’m sure she’s used to it but I don’t think I’d be able to handle it. I heard it’s actually kind of hot during the summer, just like here, so I don’t think she’ll need a scarf just yet. Hopefully she likes it ’cause I’ll be sending it along pretty soon! I followed this very beautiful pattern using JoAnn Sensations Licorice yarn. I love the colors in the yarn and hopefully Rachel will too, but it’s not the softest stuff I’ve ever felt. Maybe she’ll be able to wear it over a turtleneck or something. I’m not too wise in the ways of the scarf.

As for the baby accessory project, I started a new knitted hat this weekend and have gotten farther on it than I have on any other knitted project. I’m definitely getting the hang of the knit stitch and finally figured out how to work in the round. It looks tiny on the needles but I’m hoping once it’s all done, it’ll stretch a bit and fit a little head. 🙂 We’ll see! Doesn’t look like it’ll take too much longer. I’ll probably finish this hat just using the pink Country yarn, then start another hat and try to switch out some colors to make a few horizontal stripes. Wish me luck!

Knitting in the round

Also, I’ve put the little squarish hat up for sale on Etsy! I’ve opened a shop but it’s looking a little bare right now. Hopefully I’ll have some more to sell soon!

Crochet Monday: My first hat!


Square Baby Hat

I finished my first attempt at a hat! It’s baby-sized and square. It’s all single crochet stitches in Sensations Angel Hair yarn—which is a dream to work with! I finished it last weekend and added a cute little star button to it. I’m hoping that Amanda will be able to use it for a photo shoot at some point for a little boy.

I’m hoping the button isn’t a problem as the hat would only be used for photo shoots. I could see that an unattended baby might get a hold of it. :/

That’s about all the crochet news that I have. I’ve started my next hat. 🙂 I’m not following a pattern, so I hope it’ll turn out well! Wish me luck!